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RNB Canada | October 13, 2015

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Yuri Koller [Profile]

Yuri Koller [Profile]

| On 04, Apr 2013

A brief introduction to some of the Canadian emerging R&B talent and industry personnel we’ll be covering on Meet Yuri Koller.

Yuri Koller: Q&A

Originally posted on January 1st, 2013.

RNBCanada: Who are you and what do you do in the Canadian music industry?

Yuri Koller: I’m an R&B singer / songwriter / producer by the name “Yuri Koller”. I used to go by the name “Lokz” but decided I’d rather build a brand using my government name.

How would you describe Canada’s R&B scene?

I’m not sure if the unity is there in Canada when it comes to genres like R&B and Hip-Hop but it’s getting’s just something you got to keep pushing through. You have to make sure that you strive to have the rest of the world recognize you as opposed to just Canada. Artists should look at Canada as just a place to develop yourself and your craft because the population here just isn’t enough to make profit from especially in urban music. There definitely is a lot of talented people in Canada though and would love to see them all reach their goals and be able to make careers in what they love doing.

What drives you to stay in the Canadian music business that is rarely profitable and highly competitive?

Knowing how far I’ve come and the amount of things I’ve already done keeps me motivated. It can be a slow process for some people, but for them, once they get there, they end up having the most prosperous careers. 90% of my life is music. Everyday a new creative idea will come to mind and if at that time I don’t know how to turn it into a reality, I will spend the time looking up tutorials that will teach me how to make it happen. For most people in Canada, if they aren’t getting what they want out of music it’s usually because they’re spending more time on their plan B instead of their plan A, which then by default, makes their plan A their plan B. One other thing that will always drive me to create music is the support and love that the people show me when I put out something new.

Who is your favorite Canadian R&B/soul singer and why?

I’d have to say Melanie Fiona. She represents the roots of soul music and is doing it successfully and that’s what I like about her. She also keeps it classy with her image and I can tell she stays true to who she is.

What is your favourite Canadian R&B/soul song?

I had to think hard for this one, but I decided that it’s “Glenn Lewis – Fall Again” which was on the “Maid In Manhattan” soundtrack starring Jennifer Lopez. Both Robin Thicke (who is part Canadian) and Michael Jackson have sung their own versions of this song as well which I think is a big thing for a Canadian guy to be involved in.

Which artists have you worked with that left an impression on you and why?

An R&B singer by the name of “PG” (who is a friend of mine) asked me to collaborate with her on a song (“Closer”) for her first album (“The Elements Of PG”) back when she was in “The Remix Project”, and when working with her in the studio, I felt it pushed me to do more vocally because back then I didn’t really do much runs, and that’s something she likes to do, so in my mind I was like “I gotta make sure I can keep up with her on this song”. It definitely helped me grow and that’s why I’ll never forget that moment.

Which Canadian artist would you most like to collaborate with?

When it comes to an artist I haven’t worked with yet, I think it would be dope to do a duet with like Keshia Chante or Andreena Mill because they both have a bit of a Hip Hop influence to them which is the kind of R&B I like to make.

Tell us about past and present successes people would know you for.

They may know me from when I opened at Drake’s first OVOfest which included appearances from Jay-Z, Eminem, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Kardinal Offishall. Joe Budden also featured on a song of mine called “Cheated” which we shot a video for and was off of my first album entitled “The Point Of No Return”, when I went by the name “Lokz”.

What do you have planned next?

I plan to put together some live band shows, release some videos from my last album “Open Doors”, work on some new singles, a new project, and to also give the fans some new renditions of songs on the billboard charts which is something I love doing. To whoever hasn’t seen yet, they should check out my R&B renditions of Katy Perry’ “Wide Awake”, Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, & my version of “The Big Bang Theory” theme song.

Anything you’d like to add?

I would just like to say thank you RNBCanada for featuring me on your site and lots of love to you guys and my supporters.

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